Pediatric dentistry

Oral health care for the little ones in the house.

What is pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry responsible for treating children. The pediatric dentist will therefore be in charge of exploring and treating children and newborns. Injuries are generally treated, sealed to protect fossae and fissures of the first molars, hygiene is performed and teeth with cavities are fixed.

Pediatric Dentistry Benefits:

Treatment of caries to avoid further complications or the involvement of the definitive pieces.
Early detection of possible bite or occlusion problems.
Education in oral hygiene and eating habits for the acquisition of good habits.

Frequent questions ?

1From what age should you take your child to the dentist?
Normally with the eruption of the first tooth, at 6 months of life. From this moment on, you should check your baby's dental eruption and hygiene, as well as make regular checks on your specialist. At about 2-3 years old, your child should have all the temporary teeth in his mouth. From the age of 6, the definitive teeth begin to erupt, that's when we recommend a visit to the orthodontist in case it is convenient to modify the growth of your jaws or create space for the rest of the definitive teeth, now we are on time.
2At what age should your child start brushing his teeth?
At what age should your child start brushing his teeth? Since your first tooth erupts, it usually happens at 6 months. You will need to clean them with a dressing pad until approximately 2-3 years old, since you will have all the temporary teeth in your mouth. At this age the child can already take the brush and accompanying himself with his hand to follow a correct brushing. At 6 years the child should already brush them by himself and then an adult check him to make sure that he uses the proper technique and his teeth are clean. The child must learn as a child to take habits and responsibility for their oral hygiene, and once acquired they will keep their teeth for life.

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